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Book Description  
FRENCH FOR CRUISERS is a unique yachtsman’s phrasebook, nautical dictionary, and conversation guide all in one.

Front Cover
Practical and easy to use, FRENCH FOR CRUISERS gives English-speaking boaters the vocabulary and language skills they need to cruise in French-speaking waters.

Although the book is targeted at English-speaking boaters and marine professionals who don’t speak French, it will also be useful to those who are fluent but lack knowledge of French nautical and mechanical terms.

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FRENCH FOR CRUISERS is divided into 28 topics specifically geared to boaters’ needs including emergencies, communications, marine hardware, engine repairs, boatyards, marinas, rigging, sailing, customs and immigration, marine weather forecasts, canals and waterways, and shopping.

A consistent layout throughout the book makes it easy to flip to the section you need and start talking. Three columns display the English, French and pronunciation for every word and phrase, so that you can speak confidently and be understood.

Many detailed diagrams of hardware and boat parts and systems let you point to the part needed as you communicate with mechanics, hardware clerks, and boatyards.

A complete bilingual index and a quick reference guide on the back cover flap ensure that you will find what you need quickly. The plastic spiral binding lets the book lie flat so that you don’t lose your place. The compact size and sturdy wrap-around cover make it handy to carry with you and use on the streets, in marine shops and at the radio.

The book also contains a basic conversation primer that can be used in any situation. There are well-marked sections for money, shopping, time and finding your way around. It’s packed with useful strategies and tips that will help you get your message across – and understand the reply – in the typical situations cruisers face.

Whether your boating plans include the Caribbean, French Polynesia, Mediterranean or the Canals of France, FRENCH FOR CRUISERS gives you the tools to communicate.

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