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Kathy Parsons, author of SPANISH FOR CRUISERS and FRENCH FOR CRUISERS, regularly speaks at boat shows and other gatherings of boaters.
Kathy's "Cruiser Spanish" classes in Margarita (Venezuela)

Check this site again for Kathy's speaking schedule.

To request more information or to arrange to have Kathy Parsons speak to your group, email her at:

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Women and Cruising

Cruising the French and Spanish-speaking Caribbean
Spanish Course:
Spanish for Cruising Mexico

Cruising the French Canals




Seminar: Women and Cruising

"Women and Cruising" seminar poster

"Thank you both soooo much for allll the info you shared w/ us ladies (& a few men) this past wkend!!!
After this past wkend & especially after your class, I have fewer reservations!!!"

"I was in your women's forum at the Miami Boat Show on Sunday and, as usual, really enjoyed your presentation.

You have such a relaxed and engaging style - a fab combination!"

"I loved the class because as I listened instead of asking questions I heard for the first time what the women were thinking.

Sometimes we don't often tell our mates our real fears."

"I attended your seminar last year at the Annapolis Boat Show and absolutely loved it.  I plan on attending again this year.”

Kathy Parsons has lived aboard a sailboat for 18 years and cruised the US, Bahamas, Central America, and Caribbean. Kathy is author of the books Spanish for Cruisers and French for Cruisers, popular language guides for boaters.

Pam Wall is Outfitting Manager at West Marine. She sailed around the world with her husband and young children. Pam teaches sailing at Women on the Water Week in the British Virgin Islands.

Gwen Hamlin is a divemaster and former charter boat captain. She cruised the Caribbean, Mexico and the Pacific. Gwen writes the monthly Admiral's Angle column for Latitudes and Attitudes magazine.


We - Kathy Parsons, Pam Wall and Gwen Hamlin - found that making the leap to life afloat was one of the best decisions we ever made.

We will meet you online to talk about all sort of issues – it all depends on who is in the audience and what questions you are concerned with. Here are some of the questions that women have asked about during the seminar:

  • seasickness
  • carrying health insurance and getting medical care in other countries
  • what I need to know to cruise and the best ways to learn
  • fears about night passages, bad weather, and pirates
  • the best ages to take my kids cruising
  • handling finances and mail
  • getting along aboard and dealing with conflict in small spaces, yelling
  • problems women singlehanders might have
  • provisioning
  • do we need a watermaker-refrigeration-washing machine-generator, single sideband radio
  • ... and many more topics.

As you will learn, there are many ways to organize your cruising life so that it meets your needs and wishes.

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The "Women and Cruising" website
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Seminar: Cruising the French and Spanish-speaking Caribbean
"Cruising the Spanish and French-speaking Caribbean" seminar poster


The French and Spanish-speaking countries of the Caribbean provide rich and varied cruising opportunities.

Yet boaters hesitate, faced with language and cultural differences. With photos, hand-outs, and personal stories, author and cruiser Kathy Parsons shows why and how to fully explore these areas.

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Spanish Course: SPANISH FOR CRUISERS Jump-Start

SPANISH FOR CRUISERS Jump Start Course Book cover

"Fun! Excellent motivation to head south and a great confidence builder."

"The manual was incredibly well organized for both learning and reference. You are to be congratulated on an incredibly good job preparing and teaching the course."

"This class has been wonderful. Exactly what I needed to gain confidence for our season south."

If you're heading south, here's a great way to prepare - a two-day "jump-start" on the skills that you will need to cruise in Spanish-speaking countries.

You'll learn

• Basic Cruiser Survival Spanish • Pronunciation • Tricks to get you conversing quickly • Clearing In and Out and Dealing with Authorities, Crew Lists • Dealing with Money and Numbers, Shopping • Techniques and Vocabulary for Finding Your Way Around • Being Prepared for Emergencies, Radio Communications • Boating and Maintenance vocabulary: How to find boat parts and arrange repairs • Conversational Skills - How to Chat up the Locals


• The Spanish for Cruisers Jump-Start Course Book contains more than 160 pages of material targeted specifically for cruisers. This includes all the exercises used in the class plus lots of additional exercises and materials to continue your study after the course.

SPANISH FOR CRUISERS Pronunciation Audio CD • A pronunciation CD lets you practice pronouncing “cruiser vocabulary” with a native Spanish speaker.

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Seminar: Spanish for Cruising Mexico

"Spanish for Cruising Mexico" seminar poster



Making a little Language Go a Long Way ...


To make the most of your cruise to Mexico, you'll want to be able to communicate with the people you meet - from port officials to repairmen, market vendors and fishermen.

In this seminar, Kathy Parsons, will give you techniques and strategies that help you communicate with everyone you meet ashore and on the water.

Participants will learn techniques that ease communication, will learn to avoid common cultural mistakes and receive hand-outs covering Spanish for provisioning, clearing in, conversation, and other essentials of Mexican cruising.

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Seminar: Cruising the French Canals


Cruisers are becoming more and more interested in traveling the French canals and rivers.

The 5000 miles of French waterways offer us the ability to shop in rural markets, cruise through areas designated as World Heritage sites, tie up in ancient villages and cities, along fields and vineyards, and even in the center of Paris.

Through photos, hand-outs and personal stories, Kathy Parsons provides an introduction to the French canals, the options for cruisers wishing to explore them, and a host of practical information.

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Kathy's "Cruiser Spanish" classes in Margarita (Venezuela)

Check this site again for Kathy's speaking schedule.

To request more information or to arrange to have Kathy Parsons speak to your group, email her at:

Kathy Parsons has spoken at Strictly Sail Pacific, Strictly Sail St. Petersburg, Strictly Sail Miami, the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis, the Seven Seas Cruising Association Gatherings in Annapolis and in Melbourne (Florida), Borders Books, West Marine and Downwind Marine.

She also gives SPANISH FOR CRUISERS classes to boaters in ports where they congregate.

In 2004, she worked with Alliance Française of Grenada to develop a FRENCH FOR CRUISERS class for visiting boaters.


More about Kathy Parsons ...

Kathy Parsons' mission: learn the language (and teach it to cruisers) ( Women and Cruising website)

PODCAST: Listen to Author Kathy Parsons online