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More Reviews from Boaters, Marine Writers and other Experts
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What cruisers and marine writers are saying about FRENCH FOR CRUISERS
Elaine Sanpere
s/v Cayenne III

“FRENCH FOR CRUISERS has been quite helpful here (Le Marin). The marina posts a weather report and your chapter on that made it easy for us to figure out the weather will continue to be rotten, thankyouverymuch. I also used it to get some laundry done on a Saturday morning."

Trip log of

Indigo Moon

“... before leaving Ft. Lauderdale we bought two books: FRENCH FOR CRUISERS and SPANISH FOR CRUISERS. Both books are written by Kathy Parsons and are very handy because they are neatly arranged into user-friendly sections of utility depending on the task(s) at hand.

The author, herself a long-term live aboard cruiser, has the experience to know what unique phrases we need as boaters.

Thus, everything from emergency VHF radio phrases, to anchoring, to boat repair, to boat parts is included along with, of course, phrases for everyday tourists' needs regarding pleasantries and grocery shopping and restaurants, etc.

... Her books have been invaluable."

Katherine Briggs
s/v Sangaris

“We use both of your books as we travel (4 years in Latin American countries and 2 years so far in Europe) and appreciate the work you've done to create such helpful guides."

Carol and Gus Handcock
s/v Indigo

“I just have to tell you how wonderful your FRENCH FOR CRUISERS is. I love it. It is the perfect, efficient refresher course I needed to get around. Am out in the real world practicing every day and thinking how simple it is after struggling w/ Spanish last summer. You really do have a knack for teaching.”

Journal of s/v Argo

“... Since then (problem in Guadeloupe with a boat anchoring too close), we have consulted Kathy Parson's new FRENCH FOR CRUISERS book, where she aptly devotes four pages to these exact situations , having phrases for (page 162) 'You are too close' and 'You anchored on top of my anchor. "

Ralph Folsom
author of
Canal Cruising in the South of France

"A quick and easy way to learn the language of French canal cruising."

Liza Copeland
award-winning author of four cruising books and regular speaker at US and Canadian boat shows

“Amazing! Kathy Parsons has done it again. Like SPANISH FOR CRUISERS, FRENCH FOR CRUISERS is an essential resource for your on-board bookshelf ...

When voyaging in the Caribbean, South Pacific, Europe or around the world, as we have, you will find this book indispensable.”

Lee Gunter
s/v New World

“A repair, directions, a meal out, describing your problem, wants, and needs are all in this indispensable book. I wish I'd had it in French Polynesia and Martinique to say nothing of talking with Frenchmen I met along the way.

For me it's the GPS of communicating.”

Eileen Quinn
cruiser and
recording artist
s/v Little Gidding

"FRENCH FOR CRUISERS bridges the gap between boats and baguettes. This book is easy to use and crammed with all the language essentials for cruising French waters."

Cruising Log of
s /v Solstice

"Life on an Atoll: Visiting Tearavero on Kauehi in the Tuomotos

The first impression that we had of the village on Kauehi was the children ... I thought what better way to try out my broken French than to try and talk with these young girls of 5, 6, and 7 years old.

I pulled out my FRENCH FOR CRUISERS Guide and began to try to carry on a conversation with them and to my surprise was able to understand some things."

Diana Jessie
author of
Cruising with your four-footed Friends
The Cruising Woman's Advisor

“Kathy Parsons' FRENCH FOR CRUISERS offers a usable collection of French with a pronunciation guide that makes it possible to communicate.

Whether you are stuck for a spare part, a good meal, or a loaf of bread you'll find it here; we recommend this compact book be in your ship's library. “

Janette Loomis
author of
The Healthy Cruiser's Handbook,
and Treatment Medical Resource Guide

“For anyone cruising in French-speaking countries, FRENCH FOR CRUISERS is a must. Kathy's comprehensive book includes more than just mechanical information.

She includes vocabulary, translation, practical phrases, navigation, waterways and canals, and an impressive medical and dental section.”

Lari and
Charlie Johnson
m/y Bearboat

"Kathy Parsons has done it again! FRENCH FOR CRUISERS helps you find exactly the words you need - whatever the situation. Repairs, supplies, directions, parts, a translation for everything is right at your fingertips.

Don't go to shore without it!”

Corinne C. Kanter
author of
The Cruising
Kiss Cookbook

“For those intrepid cruisers venturing into French-speaking countries, FRENCH FOR CRUISERS is invaluable.

The ease of using the step-by-step lists and explanations will add joy to any cruiser’s experience in French-speaking areas.”

Libbie Ellis and
John Gambill
Hotwire Enterprises

"FRENCH FOR CRUISERS is an essential reference in countries where French is spoken.

Even if you think you're fluent, this book contains vocabulary you're not likely to know, and it contains a wealth of information to ease your way."




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