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Reviews in the Nautical Press

Here is what nautical magazines and marine newspapers are writing about FRENCH FOR CRUISERS ... (excerpts)

Flying Fish,
of the
Ocean Cruising Club


Ocean Cruising Club logo

“Despite the prevalence of English world-wide, there are times and places where the correct word in the local language will lead to the right part, prevent a misunderstanding with Customs, assist in a rescue, locate a doctor or save the boat.

... Parsons' books include vocabulary which only a cruiser could love - words like "rotor windings" and "cutlass bearing", "dipstick" and "hose clamp". These words are indispensable for those of us who live on boats, but they are not found in most bilingual dictionaries.

The challenge of French pronunciation, which involves ignoring several letters in many words, is handled by printing those letters in a much lighter typeface than the rest.

If all else fails, the book itself serves to communicate. Parsons provide diagrams for everything from the ignition system to plumbing ... Simply pointing at what we need almost always does the trick.

...When only the right word will do, these books present them to you like a gift"

July 2006

"Sailing" cover - July 2006

“French is widely spoken in many of the most popular cruising grounds: the Caribbean, South Pacific and Mediterranean; not to mention France itself.

Fortunately Kathy Parsons has provided an easy to navigate bridge over the language divide with her reference guide FRENCH FOR CRUISERS.

[...] She is quite candid about the aim and scope of her book – you unlikely will become fluently bilingual or acquire a flawless accent, but will get your point across and obtain the help you require. And along the way, you might also amuse the locals and make a few new friends ...”

September 2005

"Fluvial" cover - September 2005

“... an extremely useful work for English speakers.

FRENCH FOR CRUISERS is an English-French bilingual vocabulary guide (with the pronunciation of each word or phrase) which, in 28 chapters, covers all the situations you can encounter on the water, both at sea and on the inland waterways.

... You can find all the vocabulary of navigation, shopping in the markets, getting by in banks, a conversion chart ... and a very detailed section on tools, machine parts, engines and how to describe the symptoms of all kinds of breakdowns.”

July 2005

"Sail" cover - July 2005

"It's all French to me

Repairing or maintaining a boat in an unknown port is frustrating enough without having to cope with a language barrier.

The new phrase book and pronunciation guide FRENCH FOR CRUISERS can help even beginners navigate a francophone port with sailing vocabulary designed to help you deal with customs, radio communications, grocery shopping, and even an engine overhaul."

The Boca
(Trinidad & Tobago)
April 2005

"The Boca" logo

"Non-French speaking anglophones form the primary audience for FRENCH FOR CRUISERS, but cruisers reasonably fluent in French will also find it useful because of it's detailed treatment of marine and boat related topics.

Try finding the French word for "through-hull" (passe-coque) or "centerboard" (dérive) in your standard English- French dictionary. Knowing how to correctly identify a leak in your crankshaft oil seal (une fuite au joint d'huile de carter) may in one stroke save you more in mechanics fees than the price of the book."

David Allester

Cruising World
November 04

"Cruising World" cover - Nov 04

"A logical follow-up to SPANISH FOR CRUISERS, Parsons’ new book provides all cruisers need to know when communicating boating-related basics in French – dealing with customs, negotiating with mechanics, and the other usual challenges.

The comprehensive, handy format makes the book a great resource for sailors headed to French-speaking places."

November 04

"Southwinds" cover - Nov 04

"Kathy Parsons, experienced cruiser, world traveler and teacher, has written the best book ever for anyone who boats in French waters. "

Ellen Sanpere
s/v Cayenne III

The Triton
November 04

"The Triton" logo

"Twenty-eight topics and plenty of useful information cover every situation imaginable for the sailor. "

October 2004

"SpinSheet" cover - October 2004

"Did you know that the French phrase for 'Wire Cutters' is 'Pince coupante' or that 'L'arbre de l'hélice a été tordu' means 'The propeller shaft is bent' in Martinique and in Marseille?

If you are doing even a bit of sailing in waters where Spanish or French is the language of choice, you must own these smart, practical, clear guidebooks."


Latitudes and Attitudes
August 2004

"Latitudes and Attitudes" logo

"Someday we’ll wonder how we ever sailed without it ... Her book, SPANISH FOR CRUISERS was a smash and has become a standard on cruising boats in Spanish-speaking countries. I know that this book, FRENCH FOR CRUISERS will be on boats sitting right there next to it.

Easy to use, and a must if you can’t say bonjour without laughing!"

Bob Bitchin

Good Old Boat Newsletter
August 2004

"Good Old Boat" logo

"Jerry and I hope to transit the St. Lawrence ... I’ll be relying on Kathy Parsons’ FRENCH FOR CRUISERS ...

How else will we shop for sandpaper, stove alcohol, and cotter pins? ...This book is useful to any cruiser, whether he has taken basic French or not, who heads off to French tropical paradise locations as well as Quebec or the canals of France.

From what I have seen of this book, I would buy Kathy’s SPANISH FOR CRUISERS in a heartbeat if I were heading for Spanish-speaking areas."

Karen Larson

Caribbean Compass
May 2004

"Caribbean Compass" cover - May 04

”After the success of SPANISH FOR CRUISERS , Kathy was ready to tackle the unique difficulties of the French language.

This is more than a truncated phrase book: FRENCH FOR CRUISERS delves into nuances of the French culture which make learning to truly communicate in French much more rewarding than simply reciting numbers and words.

... This is the book that everyone who is cruising the French Islands is talking about - and using.”

Ed Hamilton

All at Sea
May 2004

"All At Sea" Logo

”Kathy Parsons' follow up to the invaluable SPANISH FOR CRUISERS has everything you need to negotiate a trip, say to Guadeloupe or Martinique.

With 352 pages containing illustrations and diagrams, this handy aide memoire is a snip at $29.95 ... A tour de force.”



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