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Cheat Sheets > Provisioning
PROVISIONING - English-French Shopping List Download

Provisioning French-style

175 French words and phrases commonly used for grocery shopping and provisioning

English-French Shopping List Download
Provisioning French-style

English-French Shopping List Download

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(PDF file - 323 K)

It's no secret that we sail to French waters mostly to eat and drink.

Here is a two-page Shopping List that you can download, print and carry with you to the market.

As in FRENCH FOR CRUISERS, each word in this Shopping List is accompanied by its pronunciation.

For extensive lists of foods words and grocery shopping phrases, see the Food chapter in FRENCH FOR CRUISERS.


Provisioning French-style

Here are some of the highlights of provisioning French-style:

Market - Paris

Whether you’re shopping for mangos and papayas in the islands, or raspberries and cherries in a farmers market along a French canal, you can count on the French to offer beautiful, artfully arranged fruits, vegetables, and spices.

As the market opened one morning, we watched a vendor carefully remove every berry that wasn’t absolutely perfect as he set out the boxes for sale.


The people who work in French specialty stores are professionals. Ask them to select a cheese or pâté to complement your meal or to acquaint you with the region’s cuisine. They are happy to give you a little of this and a little of that.

"Le charcutier" (pork butcher)


  Shopping French-style A boat and a bicycle
are a great combination along the French canals.
"Pains au chocolat" (chocolate-filled pastries) First one up in the morning rides the bike into town for pains au chocolat and a baguette.  


In the French Caribbean islands, cruisers look forward to stocking up at the well-stocked French supermarkets. After filling your shopping cart with wine, cheese, fizzy water and chocolate in the supermarket, you might roll the cart right down the dinghy dock.

And when you hear the conch blow in the islands,
you know there’s fresh fish in the fish market!

Fish market - French West Indies


At the market - Southern France

You’ll find the markets a lot more fun if you learn the French words for the things you want to buy, as well a few standard shopping phrases. Not only will the vendors appreciate your efforts, but it will make it easier to track down what you want.

And you’ll avoid those unpleasant provisioning surprises. As one cruiser said after a shopping trip in Martinique (before FRENCH FOR CRUISERS!):
When I got back to the boat, I discovered that what I had really bought was a package of turkey wings!!
Cheat Sheets > Provisioning