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Kathy Parsons
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Kathy Parsons
FRENCH FOR CRUISERS was written "in the field" by an experienced cruiser and language teacher: Kathy Parsons, author of the popular SPANISH FOR CRUISERS.
Kathy Parsons
Who is Kathy Parsons?
Why did she write this book?
About Aventuras Publishing




Who is Kathy Parsons?
Kathy Parsons

s/v "Hale Kai"
Kathy wrote
in the West Indies
aboard s/v Hale Kai

Author of the popular SPANISH FOR CRUISERS, she teaches language skills to boaters from time to time in ports where boaters congregate.

Both SPANISH FOR CRUISERS and FRENCH FOR CRUISERS benefit from her extensive experience making complex topics easy to understand and apply. She has served in the Peace Corps in Central America where she developed an appreciation of the Spanish language and local culture.

Always an enthusiastic teacher, Kathy supplemented her work in Nicaragua with a small business cooperative by teaching English to Nicaraguan students and arranging adult literacy classes.

Her love of teaching and its challenges led to her later professional work in providing computer training to businesses and government agencies including NASA. She has degrees from Harvard University and the University of Texas.

For the last 19 years, Kathy has directed her attention toward the sea and traveling. She has lived aboard a sailboat since 1989 and has sailed throughout the Caribbean and Central America.

Kathy makes time each year to speak at selected boat shows and gatherings.

She is the founder of the website Women and Cruising, which provides advice, inspiration and resources for women cruisers.

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Why did Kathy Parsons write FRENCH FOR CRUISERS?
In 1996 while sailing in the Western Caribbean, Kathy started teaching Spanish to her fellow boaters who were frustrated by their inability to communicate. Her students said: "Your approach is so easy - You should write a Spanish for Cruisers book to help other boaters." And so it began, as she roamed through the hardware stores, boatyards and anchorages, "researching" the words and phrases used in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean.

She wrote SPANISH FOR CRUISERS aboard her sailboat, publishing it in 2000. It quickly became a standard reference aboard cruising yachts.


Kathy Parsons

... in her floating office
on board s/v Hale Kai

As boaters started using SPANISH FOR CRUISERS, they soon made another request: "This is great - So now do French too!".

Kathy Parsons

... "researching"
Food chapter

So during the next several years, Kathy "researched" FRENCH FOR CRUISERS - in the chandleries, restaurants and bakeries of the French Antilles. She also sought out French sailors and marine technicians who worked with her to provide the best translations of marine and technical terms.

In March of 2004, FRENCH FOR CRUISERS was published. Within a month of its publication, cruisers had carried it to the French Antilles, French Polynesia, and mainland France. Kathy writes: "Sometimes I think that I wrote FRENCH FOR CRUISERS so I could make new friends (French-speaking friends)". Surely, it gives her a great excuse to travel and explore.

Now cruisers have started asking for ... PORTUGUESE FOR CRUISERS, but Kathy says ..."NO!"

About Aventuras Publishing

FRENCH FOR CRUISERS and SPANISH FOR CRUISERS are published by Aventuras Publishing Company.

Aventuras Publishing was formed in 1999 by Kathy Parsons to publish practical books for yachtsmen and world travelers. Aventuras Publishing books are distributed by Paradise Cay Publications.



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