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Detailed Contents
FRENCH FOR CRUISERS is organized in 28 chapters and 125 subjects, to meet the communication needs of cruisers, charter yacht crew and marine businesses.

Pronunciation is given for every word and phrase. Illustrations, cultural notes, and tips help get the point across.
1. Using Vocabulary Pages
Words and phrases - Nouns

Introduces the layout of FRENCH FOR CRUISERS, showing you how to use the English, French and Pronunciation columns
2. Pronunciation
Strategy – Vowels - Consonants - Alphabet

A practical introduction to French pronunciation
3. Basic Conversation
Greetings – Yes And No, Liking - I Don’t Understand – Introductions – Chatting It Up – Talking About Your Travels – Talking About Boats – Sentence Starters – Questions – Essential Little Words

The French phrases that you will use on a daily basis ... Some of these phrases are listed again inside the covers
4. Describing Anything
More than 150 French adjectives and adverbs, from “Aground” to “Worse”

Useful for describing almost anything ... your boat, your problems, the parts you need
5. Getting Directions
Where Is? – More Questions, Buses And taxis

The strategies and phrases here will help you ask for directions and find your way on shore
6. Numbers and Measures
Numbers – Fractions, Amounts – Length And Distance – Other Measurements – How To Ask For A Certain Size

+ 10 conversion tables, from Imperial / Metric To Wire Gauge Conversion

Indispensable for most of your French activities ashore (prices, amounts, measurements, sizes, marine weather forecasts)
7. Money and Banking
Money, Banking – ATM's

The French vocabulary you need to deal with cash and credit cards, bills, prices and charges, to change money and understand ATM (cash machine) menus.
8. Time and Dates
Time, Days – Opening, Closing Time – Months, Holidays

Making appointments, inquiring about opening and closing times and holidays in French
9. Customs and Immigration
    People - Papers - Arrival, Departure – Equipment, Pets, Boarding

The words and phrases you need to communicate with French-speaking marine authorities
10. Shopping
Making Your Purchase – Paying The Bill – Where To Buy Parts And Get Repairs

The basic conversational skills you need for shopping





11. Services and Activities
    Telephone, Services - Laundry, Car Rental, Shipping – Internet And Computers, Fishing And Diving

All the French words and phrases you'll need to make a telephone call, use the internet, get your laundry done, or arrange a fishing or diving trip
12. Food
Food Shops – Vegetables – Fruits – Herbs, Spices, Nuts – Dairy, Cheese – Bakery, Ice Cream, Meats – Poultry, Cold cuts – Fish – Shellfish – Staples, Labels, Household And Toiletries – How Cooked – Island Cuisine – Beverages – Restaurants – L’apéritif/ Meals

Shopping lists and phrases guide you through the French markets, cafés, and restaurants
13. Emergencies
    Talking On The Radio – Calling For Help At Sea – Safety Equipment, Problems – What You Need, Location

The French vocabulary you need to call for help, give your location, and request assistance
14. Boats
    Type Of Boats – Describing Your Boat

Phrases that will allow you to describe your sailboat, motor yacht or canal boat and its specifications to a dock master, customs officer, or a fellow cruiser
15. Docking and Anchoring

Driving The Boat, Directions On The Water – Docking And Anchoring – Marinas And Docks – The Anchoring Dance – In Harbor

Essential French phrases for marinas, boatyards and anchorages help you dock your boat, arrange a slip, or handle anchoring problems

16. Navigation
Tides And Currents – Navigation And Right of Way – Charts And Markers

The marine terms you need to know to be able to understand French nautical charts and tide reports and to communicate with other boats in right-of-way situations
17. Weather
Forecasts – Wind – Seas, Sky, Rain, Visibility – Systems

Indispensable to understand the French marine weather reports and very important: to be able to talk about the weather!
18. Canals and Waterways
Canals And Rivers– Bridges – Locks – Waterway Navigation, Action Phrases

Specific French boating words for cruising French canals and rivers and communicating with lock keepers and other canal boaters
19. Hardware and Supplies
    Metals, Wood – Cloth, Other Materials – Bolts And Screws, Nuts, Washers, Other Fasteners – Gaskets, Seals, Bearings – Plumbing – Wiring, Fuses, Plugs, Switches – Connectors, Batteries – Fuel, Oil, Fluids – Filters, Engine Supplies, Sandpaper

340 French words for the items you might have to buy at the hardware store, chandlery or fuel dock
20. Tools
    From Ammeter To Wrench

More than 100 French words for all the hand and electric tools used for boat maintenance and repairs






21. Boat Parts
    Hull, Deck And Cabin – Masts And Rigging – Sailing Hardware – Rigging And Hull Problems

In addition to the boating terms for practically everything aboard your yacht, this chapter covers the French phrases you'll need to arrange repairs to your hull or rigging
22. Boatyards
    Facilities, Services – Arranging The Haul – Paint And Fillers – Painting And Hull Repairs

French nautical terms you need to haul, repair and store your boat in a boatyard
23. Talking to Mechanics
    Jobs, Repairs, Scheduling – Costs, Parts – On The Boat

These phrases allow you to make arrangements with a mechanic or marine worker, to discuss the work to be done, and the costs and scheduling of repairs
24. Engines and Parts
    Types, Specifications – General Engine Terms - Block, Head, Cylinders, Pistons – Valves, Crankshaft, Camshaft – Fuel System – Carburetor, Ignition – Lubrication, Air Intake – Cooling System, Exhaust – Water Pumps – Transmission – Coupling – Stuffing Box, Propeller – Steering, Rudder – Controls, Instruments – Starter, Solenoid – Alternator, Regulator, Batteries – Outboard

A thorough technical glossary of all the parts of both diesel and gas inboard and outboard engines, including transmission, electrical, and steering systems
25. Working with Engines
    Action Phrases – Starting, Running, Overheating, Fuel – Oil, Smoke, Cracks, Blockage – Transmission, Noise, Outboard

The A to Z of marine engine repairs: from “Add oil to" through "Weld”. 140 French phrases to describe the problems you are having with your marine engine or talk about the work you need
26. Equipment
    Refrigeration, A/C, Parts – Refrigeration Troubleshooting – Plumbing, Electrical Equipment – Radios – Electronics – Electrical Troubleshooting

The technical terms and troubleshooting phrases for maintaining your boat's equipment and systems, such as electrical, plumbing, and marine refrigeration
27. Sails and Upholstery
    Sails – Canvas, Upholstery, Sewing terms – Hardware, Fasteners, Tools – Getting Canvas And Sail Work Done – Describing The Job

Essential French nautical vocabulary and phrases for getting sails and canvas made or repaired
28. Medical and Dental
    Getting Care – The Body – Injuries – Diseases And Infections – Medicines – First Aid Supplies, Dental

When you need a doctor, dentist, or pharmacist, these medical terms and phrases will help you arrange care, describe your medical problems, and get prescriptions filled
  Index - English and French
    A complete bilingual index in English and French is provided in the back of the book so you can turn to it to find the specific (English or French) word or phrase you need
Table of Contents > Details